Our allies embody the ethos of the unitive narrative in their mission and initiatives. Through the dedicated efforts of our allies, the unitive narrative is made manifest to transform our paradigm and bring about a world that works for everyone.

Evolutionary Leaders

The Evolutionary Leaders is a group of conscious individuals who have come together for the purpose of collectively inspiring, supporting, and serving conscious evolution. 

The Source of Synergy Foundation and Chopra Foundation were instrumental to the founding of the Evolutionary Leaders in 2006 and continue to play a vital role in its unfoldment.

The Evolutionary Leaders are united by a shared commitment to strategically engage our collective field of potential by providing opportunities for synergistic engagement among evolutionary leaders. This aspect of their mission is carried out in their annual retreats where they come into communal relationship to explore the next steps of our collective evolutionary journey. 

The Evolutionary leaders also publish books and offer programming that advance conscious evolution on our planet. Their synergy circles are active in all major fields of human activity and focus on implementing solutions that evolve humanity and regenerate the Earth.

The Evolutionary leaders have adopted the unitive narrative as an essential foundation for their initiatives as it speaks to activating the evolutionary impulse we need to transform our worldview and shift the current paradigm.

The Evolutionary Leaders' website link below depicts the unitive narrative text in its entirety:


The unitive narrative was initially created by the SDG Thought Leaders Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders. Contributors to the drafting of the unitive narrative in alphabetical order include Robert Atkinson, Joni Carley, Scott Alan Carlin, Rick Clugston Jude Currivan, Gordon Dveirin, Wendy Ellyatt, Victoria Friedman, Adam Hall, Kurt Johnson, Lynnaea Lumbard, Deborah Moldow, and Diane Marie Williams.

The following statement by the SDG Thought Leaders concerns the unitive narrative's role in achieving Agenda 2030:

Our hitherto fragmented worldview, with its flawed paradigm of materialist separation, has engendered dysfunctional and unsustainable behaviors and social structures. Because the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are global responses to these symptoms of our collective dis-ease and distress, approaches to their implementation are founded on, structured and compartmentalized by, the same fragmented narrative and so, in and of themselves, are inherently limited.

The emergent unitive narrative heals our individual and collective psyches from the illusion of separation to a communally lived wholeness. In expanding a circle of empathy from me, to inclusion of the shared we and the universal all, our focus transcends from an ego- to an eco- and evolutionary perspective. In revealing the innate meaning and purpose of our existence and our evolutionary potential, it naturally embodies universal principles of unity in diversity; empowering us to envision and offering guidance on action steps toward a regenerated, compassionate, peaceful and just world.

This wholistic perspective approaches the 17 SDGs as an interconnected whole, each one interdependent with each other; an interwoven and interdisciplinary framework with each and every one essential to achieving an inclusive, prosperous and thriving global society and living in planetary harmony with Gaia.

Instead of solely quantitative goals based on economic growth, in recognizing and including qualitative goals of development based on increasing and co-creative learning and competent growth towards wholeness, its unitive approach also resolves their apparent contradiction in advancing the commitments of the SDGs

Regarding the UN’s Agenda 2030 particularly, such unitive consciousness can radically reframe and empower our collective approach and actions, by emphasizing calls to be in service for the good of the whole and guiding us to what to wholeheartedly say yes to.

Instead of choices founded in fears and scarcity engendered by the illusion of separation, we can co-create a future affirming shared life, love and hope in action, where the SDGs and Agenda 2030 resolutions are natural outcomes of a world that works for all people and our planetary home.


Since its founding in 2017, WholeWorld-View’s aim is to share the emergent understanding, experience and embodiment of unitive awareness on personal and collective levels, to serve the evolution of consciousness. Founded on the ever-increasing scientific evidence that our Universe exists and evolves as a conscious and nonlocally unified entity, the unitive narrative as crafted by members of the Evolutionary Leaders is based on this emergent science and its convergence with universal wisdom teachings. Narratives and the stories that arise from them have been fundamental to our entire human journey. 

The prevailing narrative of materialism, separation, and a Universe effectively without meaning or purpose, while driving rapid technological innovation, has also wrought immense damage to our collective psyche and our planetary home Gaia. The significance of scientific breakthroughs upending this flawed paradigm and enabling a new and unitive narrative to emerge, can underpin, frame, inspire and empower healing and transformational change in the world.

WholeWorld-View actively links up and lifts up with other unitive-based organisations to synergize our collective efforts for creating this new world. Accordingly, WholeWorld-View has posted the foundational unitive narrative on their website and shares stories of unity in diversity initiatives and love-based actions in their free quarterly newsletter. 

WholeWorld-View's co-founder Dr. Jude Currivan and members of their core team actively participate in a wide variety of online and in person events and contribute to multi-media opportunities underpinned and framed by the unitive narrative to share its message as widely as possible.

Website Link: 

Peace On Earth by 2030

Peace on Earth by 2030 is an organization founded by David Gershon that embodies the unitive narrative in action.

The torch of peace also shed light on 1,500 community self help projects across the world demonstrating cooperation for the common good and representing humanity's collective intelligence in doing better together. Further, in collaboration with its partner UNICEF, it raised many millions of dollars to support children suffering from the ravages of war.

Thousands of groups around the world worked together cooperatively at a time when there was limited communication connectivity and very few social networks. But the world was ready then so it happened in spite of these limitations. The world is even more ready now!

This is done through forging partnerships with civil society organizations and local governments. They are provided training and coaching on how to use Empowerment Institute's empowerment and community organizing tools starting with self through the Peace Game (personal agency) and then progressing to the community through Peace on Earth Zones (community agency).

Global Coherence Pulse (GCP)

Global Coherence Pulse is a science-backed social collaboration to Pulse the Planet with the frequencies of love, compassion, joy, and appreciation, while monitoring these activities by global instrumentation networks to help science tell the story of our interconnectedness and of the power of our Collective Heart. GCP empowers individuals and communities around the world to cultivate sustained heart-centered coherence together to catalyze an evolutionary leap for humanity to vibrant health, wholeness and a thriving world for all beings. This mission is in full aligment with the unitive narrative in its paradigm-shifting intent and commitment to whole systems health. GCP promotes the  unitive narrative  through its events and activities that unite people in a state of heart coherence that enables us to birth the beautiful world we collectively envision.    

Website link: 

Good of the Whole

Good of the Whole is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that holds the vision of a world where every individual feels valued, connected, and whole. Their mission is to cultivate a culture of wholeness and nurture our innate capacity to live for the good of the whole. Good of the Whole creates whole-systems alternatives for the world’s biggest problems, so that every person has an opportunity to evolve to their highest potential. Their unique model supports distributed leadership and provides an open-source resource hub for shared purpose and collective intelligence.

The Good of the Whole embraces the unitive narrative as foundational for its vision of evolving our current global paradigm. By supporting The Connection Field and other community program led by evolutionary change-agents, The Good of the Whole embodies the message of co-creating a world based on our shared conscious evolution.

The Good of the Whole focuses on planetary healing, whole-systems health and the whole wordview which is espoused by the WholeWorld-View organization. The Good of the Whole's alignment with WholeWorld-View illustrates our deepening collective coherence. 

As more allies join us to embody the unitive narrative in action, they are also aligning and synergizing with our allies for the Good of the Whole (As this organization is aptly named!  

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EARTHwise centre

The EARTHwise Centre serves to steward and actualize the possibilities for thrivable worlds and futures, by developing the necessary capacities, systems, governance, tools, and pathways for a planetary civilization. They operate as a worldwide educational, training, coaching, research, and leadership centre and offer integral whole systems support and services for individuals, groups, teams, organizations, communities, networks, and governments. As the name indicates, it also represents our next evolutionary step—to become an Earth wise and planetary conscious species. EARTHwise also means knowing how to co-create with life and our Earth as future ancestors of a planetary civilization

The EARTHwise Centre's EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization is intended to co-create thrivable worlds and futures with the wisdom of living systems. This constitution is aligned with the unitive narrative as it shares its same cosmological underpinnings and speaks to how we can come together at this moment in our evolutionary process to regenerating our planet and become the future humans of an emerging Planetary Civilization

You can learn more about the connection between the unitive narrative and the EARTHwise Constitution in our blog article by EARTHwise Centre founder Anneloes Smitsman:

EARTHwise Centre:

Light on Light Press 

Light on Light Press is an imprint dedicated to interspirituality–the sacred ground upon which all religious and wisdom traditions intersect and share their deeper unity of experiences. The concept of interspirituality was founded by inter-religious pioneer Wayne Teasdale, beloved today around the world as Brother Wayne.

According to Light on Light Press cofounder Dr. Kurt Johnson, 

“Interspirituality acknowledges the integrity, giftsm and resources of all traditions, while recognizing their commonalities in ethics, ideals and global purpose" 

Light on Light Press aims to continue this interfaith dialogue by publishing the contemporary works of both sacred and secular thought leaders whose messages perpetuate an engaged spirituality that fully embodies our beliefs, respects our differences, and inspires us to compassionate action.

Light on Light Press has adopted the unitive narrative as its published works inform humanity's new story in a manner underpinned by the unitive narrative.

According to Light on Light Press, humanity's new story is "the living, evolving, guiding narrative illuminating the connectedness of all life, the wholeness of all creation, and the interrelationship of science and spirituality, that is leading us toward a just and peaceful world." In this spirit, Light on Light Press embodies the unitive narrative to weave all of its stories into a unified whole to catalyze our global paradigm shift.

Integral City

Integral City and Living Cities Earth have been inspired by the unitive narrative drafted by the Evolutionary Leaders SDG Thought Leaders. This initiative, on the verge of being adopted by the UN Unity Cluster, has enabled Integral City to recalibrate the wholistic, living, integral frameworks it provides through the practical use of maps, tools, codes, and courses – thus creating an overview and a common language for regenerating the inter and intra-relationship of a planet of cities with their bioregions.

As a co-initiator of Living Cities Earth (LCE), Integral City introduced the unitive narrative to LCE’s 25 founding members, enabling the international diversity of cultures, nationalities, geographies, and generations to discover core unity. This provided the foundation for collaborating for the rapid prototyping of powerful proposals for funding, a video profile, and coherent messaging for website development. In addition, the unitive narrative re-storied the dynamics of the city and opened the doors for webinars that contributed to both Unity and Peace Week conferences, multiloguesm and storytelling. The unitive narrative appears to be transforming “Pieces into Peace.” Out of the diversity that has been woven into the unitive narrative arise practical explanations for the Master Code of Care – for Self, Others, Places and Planet – and the alignment of new stories about cities that unite a world of voices co-discovering how to human well in harmony with nature.

Website Link:

Unitive Narrative: Wholistic Design & Bio-Mimicry Synergy Circle Part I

The Wholistic Design and Biomimicry (WDB) Circle provides the systems design principles, methodologies, and practices for all synergy circles to ensure their implementation and alignment with the unitive narrative. The systems design principles inform the ecosystem of components, interfaces, guidelines, architecture, and processes to achieve the objectives of the synergy circles. An integral insight of the unitive narrative is reconciling the separation-based paradigm of secular science with current scientific breakthroughs to engender a greater unitive worldview that incorporates empirically validated metaphysical truths. The design principles of the WDB Circle reflect this insight to inform all aspects of its systems design.  Just as the unitive narrative is a series of interconnected stories, the WDB Circle design principles can be viewed as a story that imparts its ethos to define its objectives. This story begins with the notion of the cosmic whologram, the consciousness/intelligence which informs life, the universe and everything through its holographic principle.

From this perspective, we design with the knowing that consciousness is not something we have, but that which we are in relation to the greater conscious whole. We proceed with the understanding that this principle provides the quantized language that in-forms the entirety of manifest forms wherein each “bit” or node of “It” contains the innate wholeness of All That Is, while simultaneously expressing its own nature and function within the nested system of the cosmic whologram.

The complex interaction of all nodes in the whologram is mediated by the Principle of Relativity. This principle expresses the complementary polarity fields that define the interweaving patterns of energy-matter that comprise the cosmic whologram. The Principle of Resonance defines how nodes maintain a harmonious or disharmonious relationship with each other depending on their level of coherence. This Principle of Resonance is further extended through the Principle of Reflection, which demonstrates the need for “outer” physical designs to coherently reflect their corresponding “inner” mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions in order to be sustained via resonance with the cosmic whologram. The Principle of Conservation sustains coherent nodes while destroying incoherent nodes within the context of the energetic cycles that define the whologram.                           

The unitive story of these design principles coalesces in the Principle of Concession, which impels us to recognize the underlying purpose of our lives to harmonize with the design and implementation of the regenerative Earth. To this end, each node, such as a person or tool, can resonate with the cosmic whologram to work in synergy for the regenerative Earth. WDB’s design vision ensures that synergy is maintained among the ELs and all relevant parties to strengthen the harmonic relationships necessary to co-create the regenerative Earth. Given the Principle of Choice and Consequence, the WDB Circle intends to design and implement solutions that incentivize people and organizations to support and resonate with the regenerative Earth. The incentive is an invitation to co-create a world based on thrivability, wherein the Earth can be regenerated through fostering humanity’s capacity to live in alignment with it. Without this alignment the Principle of Change portends the destruction of our species, but through this reciprocal alignment with Earth, we nourish the seed which contains the blueprint of the regenerative Earth. The WDB Circle intends to implement the resilient designs to bring this regenerative vision to fruition. This approach entails listening to the rhythms of change and responding in a state of syntony, in which we align and attune to the evolutionary processes which can sustain our species. The Principle of Biomimicry provides the guidelines for humans to achieve this syntonic alignment with Earth through designs modelled on biological entities and processes. Biomimicry aligns with the unitive narrative, as it evolves our thinking from designing organizations in a mechanistic fashion with a top-down structure to a more organic circular design that reflects the success of biological entities and ecosystems over cycles of billions of years. These strategies have stood the test of time, and biomimicry principles help translate them into viable solutions across all synergy circles. In closing, this circle embraces the spiritual foundation of the Indigenous worldview which calls for humanity to return to its roots and embody the biomimicry and design principles they have practiced for thousands of years to restore the balance of all life on Earth.

Wholistic Design & Bio-Mimicry Synergy Circle Part II

Science helps us make sense of the world, track origins and relationships. It helps us find the big patterns and understand how life works, make predictions, and change. Indigenous people have necessarily come to know these patterns as well, acquiring many generations of knowledge about signs of change in their densely complex worlds. They are the original scientists, trackers, naturalists, astronomers, navigators, and sailors––masters of observation, prediction, and design. Western science strives for clear-eyed observation. To do so, we have adopted the fixed perspective of the laboratory, to close in on one truth. But to adapt and thrive as a participant in living systems requires consideration of many perspectives. Life is not a lab. From one spark of life a dazzling multiplicity of peoples with various numbers of legs and modes of transport have proliferated. E unum pluribus, from one many.

All our ancestors were indigenous once––we have lived in intimate exchange with the creatures around us for millions of years. But the structures, processes––and even the very paradigms we labor within today––were imposed on us through force at some point in our peoples’ histories. One size fits all, for the good of the Emperor. We are animals, and all living creatures our relations––each a persistent shapeshifting thread spun from one spark of life. E unum pluribus. And from those many, one––one fabric emerging from the hum of determined ancestors. “Wholistic Design” tries to get at that dimensionality––it is considerate in a way Indigenous cultures never shed.

We cannot solve the world’s problems with the same mindset that got us here. That is the special position of this group, straddling as it does the boundaries of spirituality and science. Something new is possible and necessary here, for neither approach is sufficient. We will have to quiet our cleverness, as Biomimicry’s Dayna Baumeister says, and open our eyes to the many writhing, flying, swimming, hopping stories and tracks entwined with our own until we can think in watersheds, veins and arteries, the ebbing tides, and tracks and trails of relatives around us again.

For we are nature, animals obeying the same fundamental laws as every other Earthling. Our ancestors got us this far, and we know the answers in our bones. We are nature too––designed by life to cultivate its generous potential. Flexible, adaptive, observant, caring––we cultivated the juicy fruits and vegetables the world’s cuisine’s delight in. We have always and necessarily fed the things that feed us, the same as other creatures do. That, to me is the purpose of our work here––to bring awareness of and alignment with life’s deep patterns again. It’s not a matter of designing things so much as paying attention––seeing the patterns that strain below the surface, the creeks that chafe at their banks, the rivers that swell and push past the concrete. How would our lives like to be? How are the inherited structures and processes we live and work in eroding and stunting our inventive, resilient, resourceful, considerate nature? What if, instead of engineers and mechanics building and fixing things to make us more efficient, we asked the field biologists and artists and the people that still tell ancient tales and sing songs about their relatives and the rivers how to thrive? Or what if we asked the rest of nature how to design our organizations and communities, and beyond—for we will need to think in watersheds and coastlines and biomes? These ways of life are proven to work, after all, over billions of years in exactly the places we live and work in today! The answers are truly all around us if we choose to look. We will have to get down in the dirt, become humble, considerate, observe with open minds. How does ONE become the dazzling splendiferous many, and how might we add our threads to the weft and weave as children of the universe to keep these possibilities expanding for all the many-legged peoples of Earth?