Published 11.8.22

How an emergent wholeworld-view of unified reality can lead to transformational change and ethical behavior

Unitive narrative co-author Jude Currivan has just published an article in the Journal of Business, Ethics and Society that features the unitive narrative's role in fostering a wholeworld-view of unified reality to catalyze transformational societal change through ethical leadership behavior. In this article, Jude is interviewed by unitive narrative ally Anneloes Smitsman. They explore "the convergence of science and spirituality in ways that can inspire and empower conscious evolution and transformational societal change.

In speaking to the need for new regenerative business models, Jude states that "Our worldviews, mindsets and cultures underpin and frame the narratives we share, our values, the choices we make and our consequential behaviors. In an inherent feedback loop, our behaviors and the experiences that accrue, can in turn moderate our subsequent choices, values, mind sets and worldviews and reshape our narratives. Based on a scientific paradigm and world view of materialism and separation that has prevailed until now, our secular cultures have accordingly embodied its consequential narrative, values and behaviors. As such, our planetary home, which I refer to as Gaia - as did the Ancient Greeks who named her as the Earth goddess - and the natural abundance she sustains, have been perceived as being essentially mechanistic and separate from humans, and as resources to be exploited. This paradigm also views our entire universe as being without innate meaning or evolutionary purpose ... Now, however, the prevalent worldview of materialist separation is being debunked as scientific breakthroughs are revealing the unified nature of reality. This emergent wholeworld-view is now aligning with universal wisdom and spiritually-based teachings, to enable a new and unitive narrative of the essential unity of the world to emerge. Its most central tenet is that mind and consciousness are not something we have but what we and the whole world fundamentally are. The realization of this inherent and universal unity and its unitive narrative, vitally recognizes our interbeing and belonging with the whole community of Gaia, and with the entire Universe and its innate consciousness, meaning, purpose and evolutionary flow."

One of the outgrowths of adopting this unitive narrative is being able to provide a wholistic underpinning and framing that explicitly addresses and effectively transcends the ‘silo’ approaches that limits the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A unitive narrative seeks to do this by basing itself on the science-based and integral wholeworld-view that we’ve been sharing here to point the way forward. While initially focusing on the SDGs as its foundational narrative, the unitive narrative can be applied with explicit and unitive design principles and methodologies to all approaches to societal change and at all scales. Exciting times are ahead as we harness the power of storytelling to tell a more accurate story of reality that can bring about tangible positive benefits for all!

Read Jude's full article here on the Journal of Business, Ethics and Society's website. 

Thanks for reading and go forth in unity!