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Click here to read Dr. Atkinson's chapter on the Emergence of the Unitive Age  featured in The Great Upshift

The superficial boundaries between us are breaking down. Long-standing silos of separate knowledge systems are crumbling. Multiple interconnected global crises are forcing us to acknowledge the reality of the whole and the power of its evolutionary impulse. 

There is much to give us assurance that this dark night shall pass. This is a time of bridge-building and partnering, a time to expand existing circles of unity into larger and more inclusive circles of unity that fully embrace and reflect the entirety of the whole. 

The reconstruction of human society and all its relationships, including with all other life forms on the planet, is the uppermost challenge of our time. 

Click here to read Dr. Jude Currivan's chapter on Our Conscious (R)evolution featured in The Great Upshift

We are on the threshold of such a radical and existential question: called to ask ‘what if?’ such understanding might be imminent and its corollary, ‘what then?’ It is, here and now, at a potential revelatory moment of collective choice and on the verge of a (r)evolutionary and transformational journey, that we stand. 

Click here to read "How a Unitive Narrative Grounded in Unitive Consciousness" by Dr. Bob Atkinson.

In the beginning was unitive consciousness. This is the meta-principle upon which the entire universe was formed and still guides its ongoing evolution. The first peoples observed the harmony, unity, and wholeness of creation and expressed this in their guiding narratives. Unitive consciousness is eternal and the ground of all being. But as communities grew and became more aware of their diversity, stories emerged that supported separation. 

After many millennia of conflict and chaos, we are approaching the stage of humanity’s collective maturity. This period of our collective evolution can be characterized as the Unitive Age because the greatest need now is for the human family to live as one in unity.